Boat and raft rental Vltava

Order: Multi-day trips

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Multi-day trip

Preferred boat

Kayak Bert
single-seater plastic kayak, a boat for enthusiasts and more experienced paddlers; it is fast and agile, albeit at the cost of stability, but all the more fun on less calm water
Canoe Vydra
Two-seater plastic touring canoe, it is fast and easy to handle, but at the expense of stability
Canoe Pálava
Two-seater inflatable canoe, light rubber boat, easy to handle and very stable, but at the same time slower
Canoe Baraka
two-seater inflatable canoe, similar to Pálava, more comfortable to ride and maneuverable compared to Pálava.
Canoe Tukan
Three-seater plastic tourist canoe, a more stable boat than the previous Otter, but heavier and slower
4-6 seater inflatable boat, stable boat suitable for families with children
Raft Colorado
A 4-6-seater inflatable boat on which you can ride down the Vltava river with a group or with children without the slightest problem
Raft ROBfin
4-7-seater inflatable boat, more spacious, closed, but a little heavier